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Sheri Gilligan

Forsyth County is very important to Sheri Smallwood Gilligan. Not only was Sheri raised here, but her family roots can also be traced back 100 years; to a time when relatives farmed off of Franklin Goldmine Rd. After graduating from the University of Georgia, she served in the United States Navy Reserves. Eventually, her career path led her to a position as an intelligence analyst for the CIA. After a successful career helping to protect the United States from threats, Sheri returned home to teach at Lanier Tech.  During the Obama years, Sheri saw our liberties slowly being stripped away.  A new opportunity then presented itself and Sheri ran for State House.  As your representative, she has been fighting for our shared conservative values; supporting schools, reducing income taxes, Heartbeat Bill, Constitutional Carry, support for veterans, and many other issues.  

Sheri and her husband Patrick reside in Cumming, where they are members of First Redeemer Church. They have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren. Sheri in her spare time enjoys music and participates in her church orchestra.

Conservative Recognitions

During her time as your Representative at the Gold Dome, Sheri has received many awards. To name a few: 2020 Legislator of the Year, Georgia Baptist Coalition, and CPAC Most Conservative Legislator of the Year for 2019 and 2020. She has received a 100% rating from Faith and Freedom Coalition and Frontline Policy Council. Sheri also has an A rating from the NRA and is Certified Pro-Life from the Georgia Life Alliance.

Sheri is proud to have helped lead the following policies in the legislature: Heartbeat Bill, Campus Carry, teacher pay raises, reduction in taxes and support for veterans.


The radical left has taken over the Democrat Party.  We can see their full agenda in the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement.  BLM and the Democrat Party seek to deconstruct our institutions such as law enforcement.  Defunding our police is a step towards anarchy and lawlessness.  To preserve a free and safe America, we need leaders who will support the rule of law and stand with law enforcement for our community’s safety and security.  #StandWithPolice

As the events of 2020 unfolded, it is becoming clear to more and more Americans how easy it is to have our civil liberties taken away from us.  As the Democrats seek to defund police departments, the 2nd Amendment has never been more important in the “security of a free state”.  My commitment to maintaining our “right to bear arms” is unwavering.

The left’s ultimate goal is Medicare for All which will remove individuals from their current insurance and place the government in charge as decision makers for our health care.  We should put patients and doctors in charge of health outcomes.  One way is through promoting transparency in pricing.  Knowing up front medical costs allows individuals to shop around for their best options at the lowest prices.  With transparency in pricing comes the elimination of surprise medical billing.  Surprise medical billing is an issue right now in which too many people receive bills for procedures that they didn’t expect or agree to pay.  I will always favor policies that give patients more control and encourages competition which then leads to innovation and better outcomes for patient care.

Right now we are seeing the failures of radical feminism as the abortion industry pushes the boundaries in seeking the passage of “Born Alive” bills in which a baby who survives an abortion is allowed to die by having the abortionist “do nothing”.  The late-term abortion industry needs to stop receiving all tax dollars.  Life is precious from the moment of conception until the last natural breath.  I will always promote a culture of life here in the State of Georgia and speak out against the evils of the abortion industry.

The hypocrisy of the Left is always on display.  It is okay to congregate in large groups to riot and loot but not okay to attend a church service as a group to worship.  Religious liberty is a natural human right and another civil liberty that is slowly being stripped from us.  America was founded on religious freedom and we must recommit to this principle.

The Covid-19 pandemic  demonstrated how ill prepared many of Georgia’s school systems are to meeting the different needs of our students.  Our state needs to lead in expanding school choice.  School dollars need to follow the child instead of directly going to a certain school district.  Education saving accounts need to be expanded.  Federal education dollars need to be appropriated for more learning choices.

How many times have you heard some politician say  “mandatory vaccinations”? You have the right to refuse a medical procedure without the fear of disciplinary charges.  As it stands today, you can not sue the makers of vaccines even if you are injured; taking away our basic consumer protections.  Refusing a medical procedure is a basic human right.

Care for our Nation’s heroes is a top priority.  Georgia has one of the largest veteran populations in the country and we need to make sure that they have the support and resources that they need.  Every day veterans struggle with issues such as transitioning to civilian life to working through alcohol/drug problems and PTSD.  Just recently the VA has made strides in authorizing veterans to see outside medical providers.  However,  more work needs to be done so that our veterans can get the treatment they need in a reasonable amount of time.  Many of my family members including myself have served our country.  This experience gives me insight into the issues facing our local veterans.

Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field.  Forcing females to compete against biological males isn’t fair and means that girls will lose almost every time. The left is right now pushing a radical agenda called the “Equality Act”.  If passed this act would eliminate Title IX protection which gives equal opportunities for girls in school athletics.  By now you have heard of multiple stories of girls losing competitions and the chance of scholarships because they had to compete against biological males.  I support legislation at the Federal and State levels that will save Title IX and save sports for all of our girls.

100% rating from Faith and Freedom Coalition and Frontline Policy Council.

Sheri also has an A rating from the NRA and is Certified Pro-Life from the Georgia Life Alliance. Sheri received the CPAC Most Conservative Legislator of the Year award for 2020 and 2021.

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