Sheri’s Plan for a Prosperous Forsyth

Where Sheri Gilligan stands on the issues:

  • Traffic

Our families, businesses, and personal well-being suffer when we spend 2-4 hours a day sitting in traffic.  Traffic from over-development is hindering our quality of life and affecting our daily lives.  We need common-sense solutions that will not tear neighborhoods apart.  The northern arc is not the answer. Widening roads such as Hwy 20 should be done with the input of the community and left, whenever possible, on their current path. I will work to bring our tax dollars back to Forsyth County and provide much needed infrastructure. That’s only half the problem though, local governments need to use common sense and manage growth to the infrastructure dollars.

  • Schools

As an educator, I know first-hand that we need to put the local community back in control of our children’s education.  We are blessed with great teachers.  They need to be free from the over-regulation of our education system, the current burdensome one-size-fits-all testing, and federal political correctness that eliminates local control and common-sense.

I also know the challenges of crowded schools and classrooms. Our children deserve personalized attention and low student-to-faculty ratios. Currently over 40% of our schools in the county are over capacity. I will work with our local leaders to ensure proper funding for new schools is allocated to Forsyth County and will encourage them to manage growth until our infrastructure catches up.

  • Reduce Spending and Cut Taxes

End the spending problem.  Ever since the Great Recession, Georgia found ways to cut spending to meet the constitutionally required balance budget.  Taxpayers should receive a benefit from the slowly recovering economy.  Keep spending low, build up a rainy-day fund, and return the extra to the taxpayers.  Reform our tax structure to draw business to the state and support policies that encourage entrepreneurs and small business.

  • Transparency

For too long special interests have controlled our Country and our County. I am the truly independent choice in this election. Any contracts going before county or city governments should be fully transparent.  Ownership and board of directors of proposed benefactors for public dollars should be fully disclosed.  Working with the delegation, I will craft legislation to ensure that all conflicts of interest are fully discoverable.

  • Illegal Immigration

Words have meaning.  Illegal immigration is illegal.  That means it is against the law and being perpetrated by people who are breaking the law.  U.S. citizenship should be available to those who go through the proper process to obtain the right of citizenship.  I will never vote to allow driver’s license privileges to illegal immigrants.  I will not support non-citizens ever being allowed to vote in our elections.

  • Pro Family Pro Life

From conception to our last natural breath every life is precious and is protected under the Constitution. I am proud to stand in support of life and personhood.

  • Stop Common Core

I will work to restore local control over education. Common Core is a top down, centrally controlled set of standards that has a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Parents have little say in their child’s education and teachers have limited control to innovate to meet individual student’s learning style.

  •  2nd Amendment Rights

I am a marksman who served in the U.S. Navy and in the CIA. Our 2nd amendment guarantees the right, as citizens, to protect & defend ourselves, our property and our families.

  • Support Our Veterans

With six veterans in my immediate family I understand the issues facing our current and former military members. I will always stand with our armed forces.

  • Protect Senior Exemption

I vow to protect our seniors. Throughout their lives, seniors paid school taxes and have earned an exemption. I will not support legislation that will take away Forsyth County’s homestead exemption or senior exemption.

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