Law Enforcement

The radical left has taken over the Democrat Party.  We can see their full agenda in the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement.  BLM and the Democrat Party seek to deconstruct our institutions such as law enforcement…Read More

Second Amendment

As the events of 2020 unfold, it is becoming clear to more and more Americans how easy it is to have our civil liberties taken away from us.  As the Democrats seek to defund police…Read More

Health Care

The left’s ultimate goal is Medicare for All which will remove individuals from their current insurance and place the government in charge as decision makers for our health care….Read More


Right now we are seeing the failures of radical Feminism as the abortion industry pushes the boundaries in seeking the passage of “Born Alive” bills in which a baby who survives an abortion …Read More

Religious Freedom

Once again 2020 is showing us the hypocrisy in the left. It is okay to congregate in large groups to riot and loot but not okay to attend a church service as a group to worship. …Read More

School Choice

The Covid-19 Pandemic has demonstrated how ill prepared many of Georgia’s school systems are to meeting the different needs of our students. Our State needs to lead in expanding…Read More

Medical Freedom

How many times have you heard some politician say “mandatory vaccinations”? You have the right to refuse a medical procedure without the fear of disciplinary charges. ..Read More


Veterans care for our Nation’s hero’s is a top priority. Georgia has one of the largest veteran populations in the county and we need to make sure that they have the support and resources that …Read More

Girls Athletics

Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field.  Forcing females to compete against biological males isn’t fair and means that girls will lose almost every time….Read More